Below are some of the amazing friends who have found their rescue connections over the years.  Each and every one of their stories is special and we are so happy that they have found their 'fur'ever homes! 



Never stop believing in hope, because prayers are answered everyday. We are ecstatic to announce Holly has been adopted by her foster hero family. It wasn't long after her rescue that the family welcomed this bruised and battered throw away mom into their home. They nursed her back to health and in the process fell in love with her. Holly now has everything she could wish for in life with her mom, dad and canine brothers.

Her rescue began with a late night phone call on Saturday, March 24th. One of our longtime supporters in Far Rockaway frantically called us begging for help. They discovered a bleeding Holly in the brush by the Bay and she was moaning, unable to stand on her swollen leg, and bleeding from multiple wounds. After rushing her to one of our emergency vet partners they confirmed that she had just given birth and that the waste from her unborn pups was still in her abdomen. She has broken toes and head trauma. She was in so much pain, she had to be put under to be casted and treated. 

Being so familiar with this area, and knowing dogs are often used to breed, and then thrown away like trash, we didn't have high hopes for finding her babies, but that certainly didn't stop us from trying. We spent hours searching the area but to no avail. Sadly, we did discover the body of a rottweiler that had been dumped in the brush and the police were called. Heartbreakingly, this is the kind of area it is for animals. It is hell on Earth for most who live here. We are so thankful we were able to save Holly, and against all odds, help her lead the life she was meant to. 

None of this would have been possible without so many of you. Thank you to everyone who donated to ensure Holly received the best medical care possible. To Kim who runs Sasha's Mission who searched tirelessly with us for her babies. To our friends at Canine Counsel for making sure Holly had a seamless transition into her new home. To her medical teams at Verg South, Animal Hospital of the Rockaways and our Long Island vet partner. And last but not least her forever family, for loving her so much and realizing their family wouldn't be complete without her in it. Together we made this happen.


unnamed (1).jpg

We are ecstatic to inform you Sugar's foster mom is officially a foster failure and has adopted her. From the minute Sugar met this incredibly special family it was clear she was home. Uttering the phrase "Sugar isn't going anywhere" after every visit became a common occurrence because it was just that apparent that this union was meant to be forever. 

Sugar's mom was involved in her rescue very early on, before we even pulled her from the inner city shelter she had been languishing in for over a month. We had met Meggie within days of seeing Sugar's plea posted by her shelter advocate and something told us this was her person. From that moment on we exchanged countless texts filled with updates about Sugar. Finally, on February 11th Meggie received the text "She's FREE" and a picture of her in my car.

It became clear within minutes of meeting Sugar that she was very sick. She was leaking urine and clearly had been for some time. Her tail was stained yellow and soaked in pee. She had one the worst cases of kennel cough we had ever seen, and then we saw she has multiple mast cell tumors, which we later learned were cancerous. 

Never once did Meggie hesitate or shy away from helping Sugar, even after learning of her surprise medical status, and that says a lot. We have such a hard time finding fosters and adopters who as the saying goes, walk the walk. People continually claim they are committed then quickly prove otherwise with their actions. On rare occasions we have dogs for adoption that are not pitbulls, and that's when we are reminded just how hard these dogs we love so much have it. It is only when posting a non pit bull dog that we receive many offers to help. This is sad but true. 

So thank you Meggie for being such a loving and caring person. Thank you for opening your heart and home to Sugar when she needed you most and for nursing her back to health after her surgery. Even before Sugar was declared cancer free post surgery you were there for her. Thank you for teaching your daughter to be a strong and independent thinker and to have as much love for the animals as you have. A very special shout out to everyone who helped save Sugar's life, especially her medical team at Animal Hospital of the Rockaways. We love you Sugar and we are honored to have been part of your journey.



We rescued 17 year old Pablo, our chi burrito from Animal Care and Control on New Year's Day after he was dumped by his former owner's family when his owner fell gravely ill. We know some people probably wouldn’t pull a 17 year old from a kill shelter, but we would never think twice about it. And we thank all of you that share our sentiment and love for these sassy seniors that still have so much life left to live. After ensuring Pablo was stable medically we were able to place him in the most perfect forever fospice home where he has a doting mom and furry siblings. We are so honored to be part of Pablo's journey and to ensure his golden years are his best. 


Another reason to celebrate. Our almost 13 year old Queen Karma has found her happily ever after fospice family with her mom Mary, dad Danny, and furry brother Leo.


Karma's mom says "We are so glad to be able to give Karma the best even if they are her senior years of her life. I know that someday we will have to say goodbye to her too, but she will be loved, spoiled, kissed, hugged, taken care of in her every need and treated like the queen that she is for the years that she has left. We are very lucky to have her."

We rescued Karma in the eleventh hour when her former owner decided to dump her. She was leaving the country to begin missionary work. We couldn't help but wonder what the other missionaries would think if they knew this woman, who they thought was so caring, giving and loving, had just dumped her elderly dog on her way to the airport. We couldn't help to think how ironic it was that the elderly dog she had just dumped was named Karma.

Suddenly the sadness we felt vanished. There were no more tears. We were excited and happy for Karma, because we knew that now, she was about to start living the life she truly deserves. Fast forward to today and she is. Thank you to everyone who made this rescue miracle happen. Especially her foster family and her very special guardian angel Mr. Chips 



We are ecstatic to announce Jada has found her forever home. Usually our announcement photo features our doggie with their forever humans but in this case we are sharing a picture of Jada with both her forever mom Gabriella, and her foster mom Estee. Jada’s foster family along with the assistance of trainer Justin Baker (Beyond Obedience Job Training) rehabilitated Jada since her rescue 5 ½ months ago. Their hard work, dedication and love made this happily ever after possible.

Jada's story is one of survival and inspiration. She was seized after being cruelly used and abused by her former owner Dwayne Banks of Elmira, NY. Mr. Banks, who called her Crazy Red, used her as his personal ATM. She was an over bred bait dog who suffered cruelty unfathomable to most. Ultimately she was seized from Mr. Banks and while the cruelty charges were dropped he was indicted on federal drug trafficking charges.

To add insult to injury Jada then languished in a shelter for 8 months. She had already been scheduled to be quietly killed for space when we heard her story and rescued her at the eleventh hour.

Jada’s road to rehabilitation has been met with multiple challenges both medically and behaviorally due to her being institutionalized for her entire life, and not knowing how to live in a real home. She came to us with two different blood parasites, extreme anemia and a belly full of worms. Not to mention a mouth full of black rotting teeth that she would sometimes spit out. Due to the severe anemia from the one blood parasite that took months to eradicate we had to wait on addressing her teeth or spay because she could have bled out during surgery. 

As if that wasn’t tough enough her foster family to deal with they also had to potty train her. Poor Jada had never had more than a tiny space to inhabit, and all she had known her entire life up until this point was to mess exactly where she was. This undertaking was huge and further complicated by the fact that Jada was terrified of the dark and refused to go outside at night. We can only imagine what horrors happened at Dwayne Banks’ home after dark.

Fast forward to today, Jada's life has taken a magnificent turn. She thrives in the company of humans and animals both feline and canine, no matter what size. She is such a happy girl and she has so much joy and love in her heart. Jada’s forever family is absolutely obsessed with our girl. They are continuing to work with her through completing her potty training as they know she has been to hell and back.

We are so thankful to each and every one of you who cared, shared, and donated to save Jada’s life. There is truly no us without you. 

A very special thank you to Jada's forever family for giving her the happiness she never knew possible. And her courageous foster family who literally gave their blood, sweat and tears to rehabilitate her. They are true rescuers through and through. Jada's story is a constant reminder to keep hope alive, always. Look at her then, and look at her now, we believe in miracles 

Whose Girls, Our Girls!


On July 26th, 2017 the civil case filed by Edwin (Eddie) Fernandez against RR for money, custody, and ownership of Zion and Nya, aka the girls, was dismissed. When Eddie was a no show for court RR received a default judgment. In the eyes of the court the girls are with their rightful owners, us. The case we filed in Supreme Court against both Eddie and Pat Fernandez for harassment, defamation, and the dogs is in the discovery phase of litigation and still in process.

Eddie Fernandez not showing up to court, with his mom Pat in tow, for a case he filed against us, really isn’t a shock. By any respectable standards they don’t care, nor have they ever cared properly for their animals, including the girls. 

We first met the girls in January of 2012 when they were living outside Eddie’s squat house in Far Rockaway in deplorable conditions, as you can see here in the pictures. Time and again Eddie proved himself to be a pathetic loser and despite our many pleas, Eddie refused to provide any care for the dogs unless we forced him to. Due to insufficient animal welfare laws there was nothing that could have been done legally to remove them. 

So, over the next 5 years we provided the girls with all their basic necessities including food, shelter and vet care. Day in and day out I came to Eddie’s house to feed, water, walk, clean, exercise and love Zion and her daughter Nya. I made sure they had fresh straw and blankets in their insulated dog house when it was cold and plenty of cold water on days it was hot. In times of extreme cold when Eddie refused to take the girls inside they came to our house.

Because of Eddie the girls suffered living outside and then inside his back squat house, they suffered living outside his front squat house, outside his mom Pat’s house with the dogs she kept imprisoned in her yard. They suffered everywhere he forced them to stay over the years. If it weren't for us they likely would have been dead years ago.

Eddie Fernandez, the girls' former owner, ultimately surrendered the girls to us this past winter after Zion and Nya had already been in our possession. Zion was recovering with us after tearing her ACL and undergoing surgery, surgery that Eddie was not able to provide her. As it turned out Zion also had aggressive breast cancer and had to undergo a radical mastectomy and spay surgery in attempt to remove all the cancer. Simultaneously we could not have left Nya, Zion’s daughter alone, scared and crying outside Eddie’s house, as she had never been without her mom, and was extremely bonded to her. Nya desperately needed some professional training and confidence building, so she went to our trainer. 

All was fine until we believe Eddie was questioned by his mom Pat and others. Holy hell break loose when they learned he surrendered the dogs to us!!! Eddie quickly recanted and cried out, "STOLEN! My dogs were STOLEN!" Bottom line, we didn’t steal the girls. This is a fact. Furthermore, we removed the girls countless times over the 5 years we took care of them prior to them being surrendered to us. Rides in the car around town to get them out of the concrete postage stamp "yard" they suffered in day & night, taking them into our homes during periods of extreme cold when they surely would have died outside. If we wanted to steal them, we had countless opportunities to do so. 

Due to Eddie and Pat's outrageous behavior towards us, which is addressed in our lawsuit against them, we haven't been posting about our girls for their own safety and ours. A few months ago Zion's other leg suffered an ACL tear and she had to have another surgery. Because of the duo's prior antics we were forced to raise the thousands of dollars needed for her second surgery quietly and not disclose where she was treated. 

This rescue has been more than 5 years in the making and we have sacrificed so much. Blood, sweat and tears doesn't begin to cover it. Besides our unwavering dedication to the girls they would not be the happy dogs they are today without their lawyers and guardian angels. With our whole hearts we thank each of you. You know who you are. 

Hope (Mila)


We rescued 13 year old Hope (Mila) from Animal Care and Control. Had no one stepped up to save her she was going to be put down that night due to the ulcerated mammary tumors she was suffering from. Sadly, Mila was surrendered to the shelter by her “family” in this condition hours before we pulled her.

We immediately transferred her to one of emergency vet partners who closely monitored her overnight until we could check her in at our regular Queens vet partner Animal Hospital of the Rockaways. Her dream team performed surgery to remove the gargantuan mammary tumors. We unfortunately found out that they were cancerous and it had spread to other parts of her body.  Our vet consulted an oncologist and after careful review we decided that with her being 13 years old, and only 8 pounds, the best thing we can do for her at this point is to give her the best quality of life. 

Her forever foster hero mom Judy was the one who changed Mila’s name to Hope and we think it is perfect. Hope is enjoying every single second of her new life and we are going to savor every minute with her. She is a spunky, funny gal, and her energy is infectious. Once you meet her you are hooked. Today our hearts are happy. Hope has settled in seamlessly with her new mommy, fur sister Jenny and two cats. She is so happy and loved today. And look at the miraculous transformation of her tummy now that those horrifying mammary tumors have been removed. Hope radiates with joy and she will enjoy only the best life has to offer for the rest of her days.

Willa the Wee Werewolf


We rescued 12 year old Willa the wee werewolf after her former owners dumped her. They have a new baby and decided to give away their oldest. While the choice they made is unconscionable to us we are thrilled to announce that she is finally home with her new family. She waited 12 years to meet them and after all that waiting it's understandable that Willa insists on being close to her mom at all times. Two of our amazing friends who recently lost two of their fur babies decided to  forever fospice Willa and we couldn't be more thankful. 



Within moments of arriving at Charlie’s new forever fospice home he was showering his new mom Lisa with kisses. There was an undeniable connection that was just meant to be. His mom has dedicated herself to fostering senior dogs. When others say no because it will be too hard to say goodbye, or inconvenient when their bodies begin to fail them, Lisa says yes. Just a few weeks ago Lisa lost her precious senior dog Snow. Some told her she should wait for a while until welcoming a new senior into her house. Lisa said “wait for what”. Needless to say Charlie says “thank you for not waiting”. Charlie needs her now and we are so excited for him to have her love.

We rescued 15 year old Charlie from a NJ shelter where he was languishing. We fell head over heels for this guy the minute we saw his picture, and we knew we were meant for him, and he was meant for us. We have a special place in our hearts for seniors, and dogs like Charlie who have spent most of their lives living outside on chains.  The joy in our hearts witnessing Charlie, as he has slowly realized he could trust us is indescribable.  

Initially it was hard for him to fully relax unless in his safe place, his crate. It was as if he didn't know what to do with his new found freedom, or all the love and attention we showed him. Shortly after he surrendered to his new life full of gentle rubs, soft blankets, peanut butter kongs, and gentle whispers in his ears telling him how much we love him. We are so honored to have earned the love and trust of this special soul and to have been part of his journey to happiness. 


With happy hearts we announce Olive is adopted! Her foster mom Cathy officially failed at fostering our gentle giant and now she is Olive's forever mommy. Not only does Olive have an incredible mom but she also has a rabbit named Ninja as her furry brother. As you can see here the two love spending time together  

We were alerted to Olive's desperate need for rescue this past January by two of our great friends, and Olive's first angels. She was living in an abusive situation and needed out immediately. We worked together and wasted no time getting her to safety.

With much TLC over the last 5 months Olive has blossomed. Thanks to her trainer, Jen Pawstigious Pets who provided all her training, our once scared, petrified girl is now confident and self-assured. A very special shout out to The Animal Medical Center who provided life changing surgery to remove all of Olive's growths from her gums. And to her guardian angels who made sure Olive was always taken care of we thank you


With absolute elation we announce our favorite senior, chubby chi, Pumpkin has been adopted by an incredibly special family. It was love at first sight for everyone including her new fur siblings and it was evident immediately this was a union meant to be.

We rescued 12 year old Pumpkin 3 months ago after she was heartlessly abandoned in a grocery store parking lot on a Sunday afternoon in Rockaway Park. It probably didn't seem it to her at the time but luck was on her side. One of our amazing adopters was alerted to her situation and kept her safe until we could get her.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone at Animal Hospital of the Rockaways who go above and beyond for all our animals. A very special shout out to our loving vet tech Brenda who has been fostering Pumpkin since her rescue. And to her forever family for giving Pumpkin her happily ever after. Last but not least to each and everyone of you for all of your support. "Take time everyday to do what makes your soul smile". And that's just what we do when we rescue special souls like Pumpkin. We are honored to have been part of her journey. Happy life sweet girl.


We are ecstatic to announce Button has found her happily forever after. She is now enjoying all the good things that life has to offer thanks to her two moms, her fur brother Elvis and her kitty siblings

Our deepest thanks to our animal loving friends at the 101st precinct @nypd101pct in Far Rockaway who rescued our pint sized little lady after receiving a 911 call. Thank you to Animal Hospital of the Rockaways, Buttons foster hero mom Vickie, and to each and everyone of you for caring, sharing and loving our girl.


We have finally stopped jumping with joy long enough to announce Lyla has been adopted! It has been 436 days since we rescued her off the kill list of a NJ shelter. She had been picked up by Animal Control as a stray. Horrifyingly most of her back was covered in severe burns after humans had intentionally burned her and left her for dead.

Lyla was treated initially by the shelter’s emergency vet and then our vet who carefully debrided her wounds. She received multiple exfoliating treatments as well as baths to scrape the dead tissue off the area and promote regrowth of new tissue which ultimately allowed her fur to grow back beautifully.

It was painfully apparent though, that Lyla was abused in more ways than the obvious scars on her body; if you reached for her too fast or raised your voice too loud, she would flatten like a pancake. But with love, training, patience and time, those old ghosts packed their bags and moved out.

Lyla is now with the most amazing family. Her mommy MaryAnn, dad Dom and their two loving sons have completed Lyla’s rescue. Since being in their household she has flourished and the family has managed to build her confidence even more. Lyla now enjoys taking walks around their suburban neighborhood in Darien and her mom says “We just go easy so she doesn’t get overwhelmed”. Lyla’s happiness and well-being is their number one concern. The day we brought Lyla to their house for the first time it was as if she had known them for a very long time. She gave them each the warmest greetings and a few kisses were even doled out.

Thank you to our trainers, vets, and each and every one of you who shared, cared, donated and prayed to make her well. We are all her rescuers including her super special forever family.

“Rescuers are angels, you cannot see their wings. They keep them neatly folded as they do their caring things. The medicine to make you well, good food to make you strong. And finally to help you learn that hugs are never wrong. The perfect place then must be found. The home where you can live. Secure and safe and happy. With joy to get and give. When you reach your forever home your place to feel whole. The angels smile, and off they go to save another soul.” 


It is with absolute elation that we announce our precious, special needs, blind Echo has officially been adopted by his foster failing family

St. Francis clearly remains close by his side watching over Echo. Even after delivering him safely to Camden NJ shelter where he miraculously survived running the dangerous streets of the city blind and alone.

As soon as we saw his picture from the shelter we knew we were meant to help Echo and we went to work desperately trying to find a foster. His now forever parents Marina and Austin answered our plea offering a loving home to Echo. We pulled him from the Camden Shelter on April 5th and the rest is history.

With all our hearts we thank everyone who helped make this rescue happen. We are so thankful to each and everyone of you for all your support and being a part of this magical rescue. Echo is right where he should be. He is so in love with his mommy, daddy, his doggie sister Sofie and kitty siblings 

"Mommy and Daddy You know that it's all right. Because I love you just as much as any dog with sight.

You took me in, you gave me love and we will never part. Because I'm blind with just my eyes, I see you in my heart."


Luke SkyBarker has been adopted. Young Luke came to us after he was found in Bushwick tied to a pole. Horrifyingly he had an electrical cord wrapped around his neck along with a chain and padlock. Shortly after we rescued him we were contacted by his now forever dad Dave who said there was just something about Luke and he couldn't stop thinking about him.

Dave patiently waited while Luke completed his training program at Canine Counsel and when the day finall came for them to meet the connection was instantaneous. Sadly, one of Dave's dogs had recently passed and he was looking for the perfect soul to help him and his current dog Trudy heal. Well they found this in Luke. Thank you to everyone who made this rescue possible. We are so thankful to all of you for your continued support


From the moment we read this family's adoption application we had a feeling this was a union that was meant to be. Our hunch was confirmed when we spoke to them and later by Roxy herself. The family has been so excited for Roxy's arrival. Today when we pulled up there were 4 faces staring out of different windows in the house just waiting for our arrival. Needless to say it was a very special Mother's Day for everyone. Happy life sweet girl, we are so honored to have been part of your journey to finding your happily ever after. Thank you to everyone who made this possible


We are elated to announce Boogie, now known as Annie has officially been adopted by her foster failing forever mommy. Thanks to Susan and her forever fur brother Chip she now enjoys all the amazing things life has to offer.

We rescued Boogie after she was abandoned outside the Rockaway Y. One of our amazing adopters happened to be there and when she noticed Boogie was being offered to anyone in the vicinity by the person who initially noticed her she wasted no time getting her to safety and calling us.  Thank you to everyone who played a part in her rescue. We are so grateful to you all.


We have finally stopped jumping up and down long enough to announce that our Mason has been adopted. Michael, Megan McHale and their doggie Zoey fell head over heels for our big, beautiful boy almost immediately and it was clear early on that this was a union meant to be.

We rescued Mason from Manhattan ACC this past November as a major medical case after he was brought in from Far Rockaway in desperate need of reconstructive surgery on his left hind leg. After multiple consultations with orthopedists Dr. Tomas Infernuso performed surgery on Mason. Everyone expected the surgery to be intense, but none of us could have been prepared for what the team found when they opened up his leg. Instead of orthopedic medical screws holding the plate in place they found house screws, Home Depot screws to be exact! Our beautiful gentle giant had house screws holding the plate in his leg to his femur bone. It took Dr. Infernuso a long time to get the screws out of his bone and caused him to actually break multiple surgical instruments doing so. Once he was able to extract the previous house hardware put in by some shady “doctor”, in what could only have been an equally shady situation, Dr. Infernuso was able to re-break Mason’s leg and properly set it using a new orthopedic plate and screws.

Mason has come full circle as he is now back in Rockaway, only this time in the loving arms of his forever family. Thanks to Jen Wilkinson who introduced Mason to his new family and is providing all his on-boarding training. We are so thankful to everyone who played a part in his rescue and to everyone who cared, shared, and prayed to make him well. A special shout out to Mason's guardian angel who sponsored his leg-saving surgery


It is with the happiest of hearts and biggest smiles that we announce our Suzy has been adopted by an amazing family. From the moment she stepped in their house it was as if she was finally home. She greeted Joe Sr. and Joe Jr. with butt wiggles, tail wags and even a few kisses. By the end of our first visit she was sprawled out on the couch receiving tummy rubs. Needless to say Suzy was invited back again and the rest is history.

It wasn't long ago that this precious earth angel was alone and scared running around Rockaway. It was clear by her condition that the neglect and abuse this poor girl endured had been ongoing for a very long time. We couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw her. She was so tiny (34lbs.), emaciated and with sores all over her body. She had a growth in one ear that was bleeding and was teetering on nails so long it was painful to even look at. You could actually smell the infection on her skin. Through it all, in pure pit bull fashion she had nothing but love for everyone

We are so thankful to each and every person who made Suzy's rescue possible. It is because of our teamwork that Suzy is safe, happy, and in her forever home today. 


We are ecstatic to announce that our Frankie has been adopted! His new mom and dad are over the moon for this hilarious little fellow and he feels the same about them. The connection between Malia, Dave and Frankie was instantaneous and this family was truly meant to be. Within seconds of meeting them Frankie was dolling out doggie kisses for his now mom and dad . Frankie is the last of Laura’s pups to find his forever home and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


What better way to ring in the New Year than with an adoption. It is with the happiest of hearts and biggest of smiles we announce LuAnne has found her way home where she is soaking up the love from her forever mommy Kathy. <

We know her mom well as she used to work at our Queens vet partner AHOR. She helped us in many ways including fostering, and her daughter adopted Aeris from us this year. Kathy tells us from the minute LuAnne entered her life she knew this match was meant to be. And almost instantly Kathy's other forever animals, which include two kitties and and a chi named Nova seconded that emotion. Even Aeris gave her paw of approval and have become playmates :)

We rescued LuAnne from a very neglectful situation in Harlem. When we first met her she only ate cat food, had no confidence, and separation anxiety. Thanks to Tuncay and Kim of Canine Counsel this is all in her past and because of their hard work she has the tools she needs to live a successful life in her new home. A heartfelt thanks to Amelia, LuAnne's first foster, and to all of you who cared, shared and donated to make her well. Last but not least we thank her mom Kathy for loving our girl so much and helping her lead the life she deserves


We are elated to announce that Wiggles, now known as Arrow has found his happily ever ever with his foster, now forever parents. The couple was supposed to go on a trip together this upcoming week but since deciding to adopt Arrow his mom will be staying home and his dad will go alone. When we heard this we knew he was right where he should be. Somethings are just meant to be and are undeniable. This family is one of them. 

It was just a few weeks ago when we were contacted by a friend and asked to help this precious boy who was chained to a window in Coney Island day in and day out. His only relief was when a family friend would come daily to feed and walk him. Within 48 hours of being made aware of his dire situation and need for immediate rescue Wiggles (Arrow) was safely at our Queens vet partner being fully vetted. Once again so many of us came together to save this special soul and his adoption is a celebration for us all. 

This rescue wouldn't have been at all possible if it weren't for quite a few of you. Thank you to Patrick and Laura for stepping up as fosters and for loving our boy so much. We have had such a difficult time lately finding fosters and sadly dogs are not getting rescued because of it. Their decision to foster was truly life-saving. 


It is with absolute jubilation that we announce our pint size gal Gwen has been adopted by two of our long time supporters Candice & Michael. The loving couple have been been fostering Gwen for sometime now and today they officially became foster failures and we couldn't be more pleased.

Gwen's life has dramatically changed for the better since she was originally rescued by one of our NYPD friends in Coney Island on May 20th. He got a call about a "vicious" pit bull and when he and his partner showed up they found our pint sized gal shaking like a leaf in a vestibule. Below is an excerpt from our post that very day after picking her up from the precinct. After reading it you will understand why we are over the moon that she has found her way home.

"No words... I just had no words when I crouched down in front of her crate in the precinct garage and she didn't even want to look at me. She just sat there, visibly in extreme discomfort with her head hung low

I told her everything will be ok now and gently slipped my lead around her neck and coaxed her out. She immediately was walking like she had neurological problems at the least, or so I thought, but it could have just been her bleeding paws and disgustingly overgrown nails causing her to teeter so painfully on her feet. 

Her hind end is an absolute mess as well. She has boils and pressure sores and infections abound. The smell that comes from her is so horrific, I feel bad even mentioning it because I feel like it made her even more embarrassed"

Gwen will never suffer again and her parents couldn't treasure her more. She is right where she is meant to be. Just look at how happy she is in these pictures. if only every dog could be so lucky. Sadly, the couple lost their beloved dog Addy a few months before they met Gwen. While they have helped Gwen heal and become the dog she is today we know Gwen has helped them heal too. 

Thank you again Michael and Candice for your patience and dedication to our girl. We are so excited for the adventures you will have together. Thank you to each and everyone of you who cared, shared, prayed and donated to get Gwen well. There is no us without you. ‍‌‌‌‌


I said it before and I will say it again, our adopters are second to none. Cute, cuddly Clyde who is another one of throw away mama Laura's pups has hit the jackpot and been adopted by Gary and his loving family. This little guy is going to have the most incredible life and it is all thanks to them. We met Gary and Cari through Christine and Jeff, who are the adopters of Blossom, another on of our RR alumni. Blossom and Clyde love hanging out with their dads as you can see and are so excited for all the adventures to come. 

We would like to say a special thanks to Blossom's parents Christine Ammenti and Jeff for making this adoption possible and for all they have done for Blossom and our rescue. When they took Blossom into their home she suffered from major separation anxiety. Unlike many other people this didn't phase them in the least. And after spending five minutes with them in their home, and in the company of their other dog Cali, who they also rehabilitated from a horrific start in life, we had no worries about their ability to handle the situation.

They patiently worked Blossom to build her confidence and help alleviate her anxiety. Today Blossom is the poster dog for destroying pit bull stereotypes. Everywhere she goes people flock to her and it is all because of their hard work and their true love for their animals. Thank you so much Christine and Jeff for all you do. We are blessed to know you and call you our friends


It is with absolute jubilation that we announce Sinatra has officially been adopted by his foster mommy Christina christinaa_alexandraa and foster daddy Johnny. The decision was also given the paws up by his doggie siblings Murphy and Juicy.

This loving and caring family opened their hearts and home to Sinatra immediately after we rescued him. He had been dumped in Howard Beach when just a few months old and was running around the streets all alone. Due to Sinatra's cleft palate he required some special care until he could have the required reconstructive surgery. His fosters tended to his every need and they all developed a deep bond. 

It was just a few days ago that Sinatra was under the care of some of the industries leading doctors @amcny. Dr. Martel and the surgical team successfully completed his reconstructive surgery which turned out to be a quite intense and involved procedure. Sinatra's absence in his foster families home was felt every minute he was away, even his best canine buddy Murphy cried the while time he was at the hospital. It quickly became crystal clear to everyone that Sinatra was right where he should be and that he was truly home. His dad even wore a sympathy cone upon Sinatra's arrival back from the hospital and the family gave him a heroes welcome <3

Thank you to The Animal Medical Center who gave our boy the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. And to his foster family, now his forever family for loving our boy so much they couldn't let him go. Finally, thank you to all of our amazing supporters in the rescue community for all of your support.

Bam Bam

Hip hip hoorayIt’s official, Bam Bam has been adopted. His amazing forever family Claudio, Cody and Yup Yup made the trip to meet Mama Laura and all her pups while they were still with our superstar foster family in NJ. The trio let Yup Yup pick Bam Bam and the rest is history. They pre-adopted shortly after their meeting and now the fun foursome are enjoying new adventures together. A huge thank you to our friend Jen Wilkinson who introduced us to the family, and who also has Bam Bam in one of her puppy classes. One of Bam Bam’s favorite playmates is none other than Archie, now known as Mugsy and adopted by Jen. We are so happy for these doggies and to all of you who help us with each rescue. We couldn’t do it without your support.


We are ecstatic, Champ has been adopted by his foster family <3. 
Here he is with his littlest family member and his best friend. We rescued Champ off death row from MACC back in April. He had huge gashes on his head and parts of his skull were caved in from whatever blunt instrument was used to hit him. Champ settled in with his foster heroes shortly after this and he hasn’t left since. Champ needed extensive dental work and because of the damage his skull suffered our vet partner insisted on doing multiple procedures so as not to have him under anesthesia for any extended amount of time. Champ successfully had his last surgery not too long ago and now his brand new life has officially started.:We are so incredibly thankful to his forever family for stepping up to take him in as a foster and saving a life. Thank you to everyone who helped us give Champ his fairytale ending. 


We would like to thank the droves of people who contacted us wanting to adopt Otto. Primarily being a pit bull rescue we aren't used to this as sadly it is much tougher to find homes for them.

After combing through many applications we were all set to bring Otto to a very loving family yesterday. But when it came time for Otto's foster mommy to say goodbye she just couldn't do it. It had become clear she was his forever mommy afterall. 

We are so excited to announce that Otto has been adopted by Meaghan who runs Rockaway Rising, a program targeted to help the youth in Rockaway, Queens. Meaghan stepped up to foster Otto immediately after we rescued him and the two formed an undeniable bond. Already Otto has been instrumental in helping many of the kids Meaghan works with in the community and she plans to make him her official service dog.

This adoption is so special to us and Otto is so dear to our hearts. His rescue was such an emotional rollercoaster and so many of us in the rescue community came together to help him. His adoption is a celebration for us all. 

A heartfelt thank you to the neighbors who were not afraid to speak up when they saw this cruelty taking place and called us for help. To everyone who cared, shared, donated and called 311 in an effort to get the 100th precinct to respond properly to this cruelty situation. To our good friend Captain Nilan from the 101pct #101pct, for getting involved when no one else would help. And last but not least thank you to Otto's forever mommy for recognizing how special our boy is and bringing him on her journey to help so many kids in Rockaway. This was truly meant to be.


What a special family. Our adopters and fosters are really second to none.

Last year at this same time Chris @burrowgoves and Kelly @zimzim_ adopted Taz, one of mama Ivy's pups from us after they were fostered by the life-saving Mundt family. And this summer they have adopted Daisy, one of throw away mama Laura's pups, who were again fostered by Todd MundtDonna Salciccioli MundtCassie Schuster and Jesse Mundt.

We are so happy that these dogs will never know the suffering or cruelty that their mommys did, and thanks to Kelly and Chris their lives will be full of love.

We would like to take this opportunity to give the biggest heartfelt thank you to the entire Mundt family for all of your help and support in taking in so many of our dogs and giving them the best possible care. The amount of time, energy, sweat and tears you happily give away is inspirational. No matter what complication or difficulties arise you work with us through everything. You are true heroes to the animals. Thank you for all you do.


I said it before and I will say it again, our adopters are second to none. Cute, cuddly Clyde who is another one of throw away mama Laura's pups has hit the jackpot and been adopted by Gary and his loving family. This little guy is going to have the most incredible life and it is all thanks to them. We met Gary and Cari through Christine and Jeff, who are the adopters of Blossom, another on of our RR alumni. Blossom and Clyde love hanging out with their dads as you can see and are so excited for all the adventures to come.

We would like to say a special thanks to Blossom's parents Christine Ammenti and Jeff for making this adoption possible and for all they have done for Blossom and our rescue. When they took Blossom into their home she suffered from major separation anxiety. Unlike many other people this didn't phase them in the least. And after spending five minutes with them in their home, and in the company of their other dog Cali, who they also rehabilitated from a horrific start in life, we had no worries about their ability to handle the situation.

They patiently worked Blossom to build her confidence and help alleviate her anxiety. Today Blossom is the poster dog for destroying pit bull stereotypes. Everywhere she goes people flock to her and it is all because of their hard work and their true love for their animals. Thank you so much Christine and Jeff for all you do. We are blessed to know you and call you our friends.


Homer the pup is officially home. He has been adopted by an amazing family who just couldn't love him more. Not only does he have his forever human family but he also has two new fur siblings who he absolutely adores as you can see here. The three are inseparable and want for nothing thanks to Kim and her loving family. Homer's mama Laura was forced to have many litters for her former owners who clearly only used her as an ATM. Sadly we will never know what happened to those puppies, or if they are safe, but thanks to so many of us in the rescue community who came together for this precious family, her last litter is safe and these babies will never know the suffering she has seen. We are so thrilled for baby Homer, now known as Titan. Thank you so much!


The first of mama Laura’s pups Lou Lou was adopted by an amazingly loving family. She now has both human and canine siblings and is enjoying the best life has to offer. Tony and his family happen to live right next door to our super star foster heroes who took in Laura when she was still pregnant and helped birth all her pups. We are so excited that she will never know the cruelty and neglect that their loving mama has seen. We are so thankful to both Lou Lou’s forever family and foster family for saving her life.


Our Bernie is officially adopted :) His forever mommy is none other than his superstar foster hero. Jeannine has been fostering for the last 15 years without fail until she met Bernie, now known as Buddy Shadow Young. It was love at first sight and this match is truly meant to be. 

It was just two months ago that this gentle giant was suffering outside all alone with a 9.8lbs chain around his neck being eaten alive by mosquitoes after his abusive family chained him one last time to the outside fence of their house in Rockaway before they moved out. Well that is all in the past and the best is yet to come thanks to so many in the rescue community. 

Thank you to his mom  for giving him his fairytale ending. Thank you to the loving woman who saw him being abused and mistreated from her project window and refused to look the other way. Thank you to our favorite Captain from our local precinct who escorted us to the owner's house shortly before Bernie was abandoned by them, and made it clear we were not going away until he was helped. Thank you to our fellow rescuer and friend Kim Fraser who runs Sasha’s Mission Animal Rescue for helping us every step of the way and to our loving vet Animal Hospital of Rockaways for providing him with the best care. Last but certainly not least thank you to all of you who cared, shared and donated to save our boy. Happy life sweet boy, we all love you so much.