Meet Willow…

We were contacted by someone who was desperately searching for help to get this girl safe. Her story is all too familiar; a young owner gets a dog and then dumps the dog on family members when the responsibility gets in the way of their personal life. Only in this story, sweet Willow was dumped on elderly grandparents who physically could not care for her. The family even attributes the unfortunate passing of the grandfather to the care of Willow, being he had to go up and down stairs to let her out, and he was not supposed to do stairs and suffered a heart attack... Then grandma fell numerous times trying to walk her. After trying for quite some time and being turned down by every rescue and no-kill shelter, to avoid her "suffering" in a kill shelter, they were just going to voluntarily euthanize her. Looking at this hopeful face with such softness in her eyes, we couldn't say no.

Willow is about 4 years old, and her sweet, shy disposition is remarkable. She's perfectly house trained, walks beautifully on leash and is extremely responsive to commands. She's great with other dogs and kids. Please consider giving this angel the furever she deserves.