Meet Maddie...

An angel among us... Sweet Miss Madeline has had a rough start to her short life.  You see, Maddie's previous owners didn't think she deserved to be a real member of the family.  So they kept her confined to a shoddy wooden box that was pinned up against the exterior of the house, alone and afraid.  

She was starving, freezing and injured. Her cries for help went unanswered until a Good Samaritan pleaded with her "family" to surrender her to rescue so we could properly care for her and get her much needed, long overdue medical attention. She has now undergone two eye graft surgeries to repair an old trauma, and her once emaciated, frail body is now strong and healthy.   

Despite the horror she endured at the hands of humans, this angel loves everyone she meets.  She has the most infectious "smile" and her sunny, playful disposition is remarkable.  Maddie loves other dogs and kids.  She is about 3 years old, petite at 43 pounds and she is a bulldog/pit mix.   

Maddie is looking for her furever family to love and cherish for all of time.   Won't you give this sweet girl the life she was always meant to live?