Meet Karma...

Our super sweet, 12 year old senior Karma is a gentle, sweet gal who loves leisurely strolls and relaxing with her humans. She also enjoys hiding her toys in the couch. She is super easygoing and we hope her happily ever after is right around the corner. We rescued Karma after her owner of 12 years surrendered her to us on her way to the airport where she was leaving the country to ironically do missionary work. Karma is doggie friendly and loves everyone she meets.


Meet Roscoe...

We rescued 3 year old Roscoe from Syracuse, NY. He was taken in by the city as a cruelty case. After his horrific injuries had been initially attended to by an ER vet Roscoe found himself sitting on death row. We pulled him to safety and he is now a member of our rescue. Roscoe has suffered unimaginable acts of cruelty. Horrifyingly, just last month Roscoe lost his eyesight after his former owner allegedly beat him blind with a two-by-four. He has been starved and tortured for the past two years of his three year life as is evident to by his old and new fractures. While he is physically forever changed due to the abuse Roscoe’s spirit remains unbroken. His former owner Patrick Frender has only been charged with 2 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, because sadly this is what the law allows. Frender was given an appearance ticket to appear in Court on June 20 and is currently a free man. Under the current law, Patrick Frender faces a maximum of 1 year in jail. As far as a medical update on our boy, we have a very important medical assessment coming up. This test will determine if his eyes are candidates for a costly (but worth every penny) surgery that is said to have the possibility of RESTORING HIS SIGHT close to 90%!!! Now again, this is not guaranteed, but we are praying like you can't imagine that his damage isn't such that will preclude him from this sight-saving surgery. Please everyone join us and keep Roscoe in your thoughts leading up to his initial assessment procedure. Please stay tuned and thank you for your continued support.


Meet George...

14 year old gentle George had hours to live when we rescued him off the kill list from BACC. He is settling into foster nicely and knows he's safe now. It's painfully obvious that this precious boy was abused by the way he flinches, retreats and rapidly blinks his eyes preparing for the blow whenever any sudden movements are made around him. But guaranteed, his foster mom will keep doing everything in her power to let him know that he IS safe now. And we know he will be cuddling on the couch in no time. He follows his foster mom around everywhere and just wants to be near. Please consider being George's hero today and finally giving him his happily ever after.


Meet Stanley…

Stupendous Stanley is quite possibly the biggest and goofiest meatball we have ever met. His jolly disposition and huge pitbull smile makes him the most popular boy everywhere he goes. Stanley loves doggies and everyone he meets. He enjoys taking long walks with his human, never paying any mind to cats, squirrels or anybody else he meets along the way. Stanley also enjoys car rides and is fully housebroken. He is super in his crate and looking for a place to lay his squishy head. Please consider being his hero today.


Meet Otto…

We rescued 8 month old Otto after he was abandoned at the end of a street in Rockaway near the bay. We had been working on freeing him and three other dogs from a horrific situation on the same street. The four dogs had been chained outside on a filthy porch on two foot chains with no break for 13 days straight. The people ended up taking the other dogs inside after speaking to law enforcement but for some reason they dumped this precious guy. We will never know exactly why but we are thankful everyday they did.

Otto is currently in foster and he has been loving every minute of it. He and his foster mama have been enjoying long walks on Rockaway Beach and lots of playtime at home. Otto even helped his new foster mom babysit her friend's French bulldog Penny. They all had so much fun. His foster mom can't say enough about how fantastic our boy is. There is something about justbeing in his company that makes you happy.

Otto is crate trained, doggie friendly (both large and small), cats unknown. Please consider giving Otto his fairytale ending by making him part of your family today.


Meet Libby…

Libby is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs you will meet. She is dog friendly and super affectionate, not to mention very well behaved. She wants nothing more than to please her humans. Liberty came from her only home of seven years that had young children. We think our stunner would be a perfect fit for almost any pack.

We pulled Libby off death row on 4th of July after she was heartbreakingly abandoned at Animal Care and Control by the only family she has ever known after living with them for 7 years. Please consider opening up your heart and home to Libby.


Meet Laura…

We were alerted to Laura's need for rescue back in June. She was very pregnant and had just been found in Philly with a belt tightly wrapped around her neck affixed to a pole. As soon as we saw her face and looked in her eyes we felt a connection with her and knew we were meant to help her and all the little lives inside her. We whisked her away to one of our very special foster families who kept Laura and her babies safe until the pups were all adopted. Sadly Laura was overlooked and is still waiting for her happily ever after. Our super silly, roly-poly seal pup Laura is such a goofball. If you are looking for a dog that will keep you laughing, likes to cuddle, and is the perfect combination of playful and calm then look no further. Laura is your gal. She is 4 years old and good with male doggies her own size, and loves absolutely everyone she meets. Please consider opening up your heart and home to help her on her journey to happily ever after.


Meet Mia…

This incredibly sweet 6 year old earth angel was abandoned in an apartment and left to fend for herself. The people who owned the house the apartment was in took care of her for quite a while but are no longer able to keep her so they reached out for help. She is a wiggly and happy girl who loves to give kisses and cuddle under the blankets. Mia is 60lbs of gentleness and is great with kids and everyone she meets including doggies. Her exceptional leash skills make her a dream to walk. Please consider opening your heart and home to this precious girl. bsp;


Meet Willow…

We were contacted by someone who was desperately searching for help to get this girl safe. Her story is all too familiar; a young owner gets a dog and then dumps the dog on family members when the responsibility gets in the way of their personal life. Only in this story, sweet Willow was dumped on elderly grandparents who physically could not care for her. The family even attributes the unfortunate passing of the grandfather to the care of Willow, being he had to go up and down stairs to let her out, and he was not supposed to do stairs and suffered a heart attack... Then grandma fell numerous times trying to walk her. After trying for quite some time and being turned down by every rescue and no-kill shelter, to avoid her "suffering" in a kill shelter, they were just going to voluntarily euthanize her. Looking at this hopeful face with such softness in her eyes, we couldn't say no.

Willow is about 4 years old, and her sweet, shy disposition is remarkable. She's perfectly house trained, walks beautifully on leash and is extremely responsive to commands. She's great with other dogs and kids. Please consider giving this angel the furever she deserves.



Meet Casey...

We rescued Casey shortly after we received a call that he was in danger of being euthanized. His former owner found out her new apartment was not going to allow him there and according to her she thought he might actually be better off dead than without her. Lucky for Casey we were able to convince her that this wasn't the case and now he is safe with us. Sadly Casey's owner hadn't even realized that he was deaf.

Our precious 4 1/2 year old boy has the biggest heart. He enjoys leisurely walks, playing fetch, and last but not least cuddling up on the couch with his people. Casey absolutely adores the company of other doggies. Casey is deaf but is quickly learning hand signals - he's eager to please and his hearing impairment doesn't seem to slow him down at all. He's a great dog with a huge heart and he's just busy loving life now that he's safe. 


Meet Maddie...

An angel among us... Sweet Miss Madeline has had a rough start to her short life.  You see, Maddie's previous owners didn't think she deserved to be a real member of the family.  So they kept her confined to a shoddy wooden box that was pinned up against the exterior of the house, alone and afraid.  

She was starving, freezing and injured. Her cries for help went unanswered until a Good Samaritan pleaded with her "family" to surrender her to rescue so we could properly care for her and get her much needed, long overdue medical attention. She has now undergone two eye graft surgeries to repair an old trauma, and her once emaciated, frail body is now strong and healthy.   

Despite the horror she endured at the hands of humans, this angel loves everyone she meets.  She has the most infectious "smile" and her sunny, playful disposition is remarkable.  Maddie loves other dogs and kids.  She is about 3 years old, petite at 43 pounds and she is a bulldog/pit mix.   

Maddie is looking for her furever family to love and cherish for all of time.   Won't you give this sweet girl the life she was always meant to live?


Meet stunning blond brindle Walter White...

Walter came to us after narrowly escaping death. He was literally being walked to the kill room when he was pulled. 

He's an absolute sweetheart, goofy and beyond happy go lucky. Walter is about  three, he LOVES dogs and and just wants the love of any human that crosses his path.  Walter is about 60 pounds and ready for his furever family. He would be the perfect addition to any pack